Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell

The above line was what used to run in The Spectator newspaper when its ‘Low Life’ columnist, Jeffrey Bernard, was too drunk or hung-over to turn in his column on time.

I am neither drunk nor hung-over but experiencing some technical difficulties (this is the year of the great computer meltdown in my house, it’s like they’ve all suddenly become teenagers or something), which is why there was no Monday on Writing post this week.  My apologies!  Normal service should, all going well, resume on Wednesday.  Thank you for your patience!

8 thoughts on “Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell

    • Thank you! I have to say, it’s just as well I don’t believe in conspiracies, or I’d be huddling under the covers refusing to enter the office! (Of course, I do that, anyway, but that’s called procrastination and cold mornings!) I have a new laptop coming soon and that will help a lot. It’s actually a little unseemly how much I long for it… Thanks for the sympathy!

    • It’s here, it’s here! It’s lovely! I stroke its sweet smallness and… ahem. yes, it’s very nice. I may even post about it later. (backing away, averting eyes to avoid unseemly displays of glee…)

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