My sweet blog-buddy Amber wants to use the power of social media to help save twin babies. Can you help?

A Day Without Sushi

UPDATE: Sadly, I awoke to read this tweet from Diana:
Julian and Preston were born this morning. We held them as they met Jesus. Please pray for us.
Funds collected thus far will be sent to the family. If anyone still wishes to make a donation, whatever is not needed will be sent to The March of Dimes to help other moms and babies.


I’ve talked before about how awesome Social Media can be for bringing the best out of people. We hear a lot about the bad – social media used for bullying and the like – but I like to share the stories that get less love. The good ones.

A blogger I’ve been following for quite some time, Diana of Hormonal Imbalances, is pregnant with twin baby boys. The story of what has been going on with her this past week can be found here

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