Joining with my Sister blogger, because we are ALL so much more than pretty! Go Bella!

cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by Ian Muttoo

I remember the first time I heard poetry slammer, Katie Makkai, define the word pretty.

I remember sitting in my chair motionless; tears streaming down my face; my brain busily trying to commit to memory the words I’d just heard.

I wanted to cheer, to clap, to give this woman a standing ovation.

And I did.

I stood up, cheered, and clapped because this woman’s words had blown me away.


Just a word.

Just an adjective and yet, so powerful, that it has the ability to make many of us feel either elated or miserable.

Yet, who defines the meaning of the word pretty?

Do we assign our own definition, or do we fall prey to society’s definition of beauty?

Do we believe we’re beautiful by sheer virtue of being who we are, or do we…

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