Wednesday Review is Dead, Actually

Dead, Actually, the new young adult novel by the lovely Kaz Delaney, is the subject of today’s review, and since Kaz is a mate of mine, I thought I should invite someone else to do the review.

So today’s review is courtesy of my Sekrit Squirrels Helper (or SSH, for short) guest YA reviewer, who is not only impartial, but also in the novel’s target demographic.  If you like her review, please say so in the comments, so I can inveigle her into doing more!

Dead, Actually
Willow Cartwright: D-Lister by choice.
She’s about to find out what lies beneath the
tans and tinsel of the A-list, in a wickedly funny story
of blackmail, scams – and swoonworthy crushes.

In  Dead Actually, Kaz Delaney follows Willow Cartwright, a teen from the Gold Coast whose life has recently fallen into a shambles. Her family is completely dysfunctional, her adopted brother is a creepy liar out to steal her parents’ money, she has a huge crush on her best friend’s (Macey Pentecost) older brother, (Seth) and to top it all off, the dead Queen Bee of Ruth Throsby High, who happened to see Willow last before dying, is haunting her bedroom.

Dead Actually is a story full of delightful twists and turns, with more red herrings than a fish pond full of red dye. The stolen phone of Jo-Jo the ghost seems to be running it’s own blackmail racket, and it is all being very cleverly pinned on Willow. The plot is more complicated than a melodrama, and it all has to be worked out in just 297 pages, leading to some hilarious situations.

The way Kaz has written Dead Actually, I was rolling on the floor with laughter and biting my nails with suspense by turns, and sometimes both at once! A mischievously funny story that kept me guessing to the end. I had to be surgically removed from it to go to school, and I got back to it at every opportunity.

An excellent read that I would recommend to anyone over 12, as younger children might not understand it. This novel was written by Kaz Delaney and first published in a paperback edition by Allen & Unwin in March 2012.

13 thoughts on “Wednesday Review is Dead, Actually

      • I’m ready when you are. I can bring a couple of copies of my book to give away to all your lovely fans. I’m doing a blog hop this week, my first ever. And with 100 other authors and lots of prizes. No pressure… Talk about rapid heartbeat! But I got all the links up. At least they worked last time I checked. I’m not game to check again 🙂

  1. Dear Sekrit Squirrels Helper – OMG – I adore this review! The review is funnier than the book! (CAVEAT: All potential readers of ‘Dead, Actually’ should totally IGNORE that last comment and focus on what the reviewer says!!! 🙂 )

    You are one talented bunny (or squirrel as the case may be) and I sincerely hope you’re going to use this talent for good and grace the world with more of your wit and wonderful words. I was, in turns, laughing out loud and weeping with joy. Very, very clever. You captured the plot beautifully and described it with the finesse of a professional. I don’t think anyone has described it as well. Thank you.

    Brilliant, brilliant! And I am eternally grateful. May I forward this to my publishers? They may need your first name and age.

    And to thank you, may I offer a free copy of my book as a prize? This is certainly one of the brightest spots in my week, and again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. ♥♥

    How very, very special.

    • The SSH is most amused and has committed to use her powers for good only! Glad you liked it. I’ve messaged you on FB re the question. As to the book, we already have a copy, but if we can think of a good cause for the bonus, signed one, we may just take you up on that!

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun, I will be sure to read it before handing it over to my daughter! Thanks for sharing your review

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